Browvado Gel Wax Beads


Brow Wax Benefits:

  • This luxurious Sculpting Gel Wax with unsurpassed control
  • Perfect for use on the face
  • Specifically formulated to have a gel consistency, which makes it ideal for contouring as it wraps around the brows with ease
  • Stunning holographic appearance with subtle, comforting scent of honeysuckle and pear

Introducing a luxurious, sculpting gel hard wax, specifically designed for brow shaping and facial waxing. Estheticians can confidently sculpt and contour the brows with extreme precision. The wax will wrap around the hairs and remove the fine, fluffy vellus hair on the first pull!

Browvado Gel Wax Beads
For your eyes only
Gel Sculpting Hard Wax – Clear

Available in: 17.6oz (500g) Wax Beads

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