1. Never re-heat cartridges.
  2. Never leave cartridges heating longer than necessary. Re-stock heater as required.
  3. Never exceed 4.5 on the temperature dial.
  4. Never attempt to refill Fixed-Head cartridges.
  5. Never attempt to remove Fixed cartridge heads & use with a spatula.
  6. Never force a cartridge to roll. It should not drag on the skin.
  7. Never leave heater on overnight.



  1. Always use a new cartridge on a client. Cartridges are single use and should not be re-used.
  2. Always ensure the cartridge head is firmly in place and not off-centre before use.Do not use cartridge and return to supplier if roller head is not in correct position.
  3. Always roll a new cartridge on to a wax strip before use on a client to ensure the wax is flowingthrough the cartridge head evenly. Roll cartridge with a light application and never force it.
  4. Always wipe drips off the cartridge head in between applications with a wax strip andCaronlab After Waxing Oil.
  5. Always keep working temperature consistently at 4.5 on the dial.
  6. MULTI CARTRIDGE HEATER: Always rotate stock. Use bays 1-3 first. Then, when using bays 4-6, refill bays 1-3.
  7. SINGLE CARTRIDGE HEATER: Always use Disposable Cartridge Skirts to prevent drips running inside heater.
  8. Use a timer to help ensure that the wax is at the right temperature when it’s required.Timer should automatically turn heater off at the end of the day.
  9. Always wipe any wax residue off heater at the end of the day with Caronlab Wax Remover Citrus Clean.


Adhering to these guidelines will:

  • Prevent cartridge roller heads from cracking
  • Prevent fixed roller heads from falling off
  • Preserve the life of your Heater
  • Reduce the risk of burns to yourself and your client
  • Ensure your Heater is being used in the most energy efficient way