Upcoming Webinars


Men’s Body Waxperience: Back & Chest

Monday, October 16 @ 1PM EST | 10 AM PST
Host: Jillian Gouthro

  • Hard or soft wax – which wax is better for backs and chests?
  • Aftercare tips, tricks and recommendations for men
  • How to encourage men into your space?

Get Holiday Ready (His & Hers Edition)

Monday, November 13 @ 1PM EST | 10 AM PST
Host: Caitlin Coates-Esser

  • Getting men and women ready for the holiday season
  • Add-on services for him & her
  • Facial waxing featuring Browvado and Pro HD

Let’s Get Holiday Ready Together!

Monday, December 4 @ 1PM EST | 10 AM PST
Host: Chanel Mak 

  • Q&A Session
  • What’s coming up for 2024
  • Most requested demo of 2023: Nose waxing

Previous Webinars

New to Caronlab? This webinar is for you

• Know why Caronlab waxes are the best.
• Learn in detail about our pre and post wax ancillaries.
• Learn the 3T’s: Tips, Tricks and Techniques to give the best waxperience to clients


Formulated specifically for precision waxing, this completely new type of wax sits somewhere between a Hard wax and a Strip wax. Its gel-like consistency gives therapists more control than with any other wax currently on the market. This revolutionary wax is available at selected beauty wholesalers from August 24.

This type of wax is formulated to have a gel-like consistency that helps therapists sculpt and contour with extreme precision. Its thick, rich consistency sits still on the spatula, so there’s no need to twirl.

This helps control the wax as it wraps around the brows with ease. Browvado removes hairs in one go, without fail, but is still gentle on the skin. It was formulated to be transparent when warm – for optimal visibility – but with a holographic shimmer and a light, soothing fragrance of honeysuckle and pear. Browvado is ideal for beginners and experienced professionals alike.

Lilliane Caron Waxing Technique
Lilliane Caron designed a complementing waxing technique for waxing the face. It helps minimise redness and discomfort to the client and helps the therapist work more hygienically. The technique involves using a Lip & Brow Strip before the wax sets. This creates a platform and adds a touch of class as there is no need to pick at the client’s skin. 

Benefits Browvado Brow Wax

  • This luxurious Sculpting Gel Wax gives you unsurpassed control
  • Perfect for use on the face
  • Specifically formulated to have a gel consistency, which makes it ideal for contouring as it wraps around the brows with ease
  • Stunning holographic appearance with subtle, comforting scent of honeysuckle and pear

DEMO: Eyebrow wax using the Lilliane Caron Waxing technique 

Strip wax alternative: Braziliant wax – A Demo

Braziliant wax is a revolutionary 2-in-1 Film Wax like no other, allowing for efficient waxing with gentle results.

This strip wax alternative adheres firmly to both fine and coarse hair, without sticking to the skin.

It grips even the hairs you can’t see and requires only one application! Flexible and pliable, it can be applied in large sections without the fear of breaking.

  • Easy to apply like hard wax, with the power and grip of strip wax
  • Removes all hair with a single, wafer-thin application
  • Won’t go brittle and won’t drip
  • An all-over body wax suitable for both face and intimate areas
  • Ideal for experienced waxers

Excellent for people that don’t want to use strip wax in their treatments.

DEMO: Lip wax and underarm wax

Waxing Sensitive Areas with Caronlab Brilliance – A Demo

Learn how to wax sensitive areas with this year’s Aesthetician’s Choice Award winner for Sensitive Wax: Brilliance. We’ll show you a technique that will gently warm the follicles, ensuring the complete removal of all the hairs – both fine and coarse – so your clients will enjoy a smooth, hair-free skin for longer.

  • No bruising
  • No skin lifting
  • No excess redness

This Webinar will give you the confidence to perform a truly professional wax treatment that your clients will want to repeat!

Excel in the waxing room with Caronlab!

For a smooth & confident brazilian Down Under!